Minnie’s Food Pantry

By on Feb 3, 2023 in Giving

Yardi is committed to supporting the community in every city where our offices are housed. Each year, the company distributes philanthropic aid to organizations selected by its employees.

volunteers at Minnie's Food Pantry Plano, Texas.

Let’s learn about Minnie’s Food Pantry of Plano, Texas, founded in 2008. Minnie’s Food Pantry provides healthy meals, educational resources, and red-carpet treatment to children and families in need across North Texas.

In addition, families can receive support and life necessities at Minnie’s Boutique, allowing shoppers to pick up home-based items that they may need that are outside the usual food pantry offerings, such as toiletries, home cleaning products, and more. In April, Minnie’s Food Pantry will celebrate 15 years of service.

“Over the last decade and a half, Minnie’s Food Pantry has provided over 21.5 million meals to children and families in need across North Texas, having been recognized as the leading food pantry in Collin County and the #1 Food Pantry in DFW,” shared Zoya Jackson, COO.

This year, Minnie’s Food Pantry plans to continue providing for families in need with supplemental food assistance, including non-perishable goods, fresh meats, fresh produce, bakery items, and dairy products, along with toiletries, home goods, baby products, clothing, and other necessities through Minnie’s Boutique.

Funding from Yardi allows Minnie’s Food Pantry to continue the programs and services they have in place to meet the needs of those they serve.

“This includes serving families via our Feed Just One program every Wednesday-Saturday, delivering to schools and senior living facilities across North Texas to provide for the most vulnerable in society, seniors and children, and making an impact on our VIP (homeless) communities,” said Jackson.

In addition, the generosity of Yardi provides new ways to further impact and change lives, such as the expansion of Minnie’s Boutique.

Owner of Minnie's food pantry with Yardi employee

Minnie’s Food Pantry expresses gratitude towards Yardi’s Michael Shaeffer, senior director of client services for Yardi Dallas.

“Michael makes it a point to check in frequently throughout the year, and he and the team are always willing to answer the call when volunteers are needed! The intentional relationship serves as proof that giving to others and changing lives/our communities for the better are core values of Yardi and their employees,” shares Jackson (pictured with Schaeffer at left at a recent Lunch and Learn event).

Community feedback

Minnie’s Food Pantry shared a few success stories and feedback from clients:

“I went to Minnie’s to get food for my family. I had plans to take my own life that day and didn’t want to leave them with another burden to worry about. When I got to Minnie’s, a lady greeted me with a hug and a smile. She was a stranger to me, but I don’t think she knew the impact that she made with such a small gesture. I’m still here to write this letter because of her kindness and the love that Minnie’s showed me that morning. Thank you for seeing me and giving me hope,” said one recipient of food and care.

“COVID changed our lives. One day I had a great job paying good money, and a few hours later, I was unemployed. I was in a position I never imagined I would be in, and I was embarrassed to ask for help. When I got to Minnie’s Food Pantry, it was nothing like what I expected. The people were friendly and welcoming; the food they gave my family was just like what I would have picked out at the grocery store and didn’t make me feel bad for needing help,” stated another Minnie’s client.

Celebrity support for a worthy cause

Along with the community coming together at Minnie’s Food Pantry, celebrities have been involved, including Rihanna, Steve Harvey, Jim Parsons, and Floyd Mayweather. In 2018, Oprah Winfrey attended Minnie’s Food Pantry Annual Gala.

“The law says whatever you put out into the world, with the energy and intention, will come back to you,” Oprah said at the event.

Watch the full video here.

Volunteer opportunities

Minnie’s would like readers to know that they are a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Donations are 100 percent tax deductible; every dollar donated provides three meals to families in need. Minnie’s Food Pantry has volunteer opportunities every Monday, Wednesday- Saturday from 7:45 am- 12 pm and would love the Yardi family to serve with them. For more information, contact them here.

The Yardi Dallas office was fortunate to have the founder, Dr. Cheryl “Action” Jackson of Minnie’s Food Pantry, for lunch and learn event on January 19, 2023. During Dr. Jackson’s presentation, it was communicated to the group that they had a significant and immediate need for volunteers at Minnie’s. The Dallas office responded in kind and gathered a group to meet the following morning at Minnie’s to help.

Dr. Jackson was overwhelmed and stated that this was the first time that this quick response had ever happened at Minnie’s and praised Yardi for their financial and volunteer support. The Yardi team spent that morning helping Minnie’s establish their first-ever boutique to complement the food pantry offers.

The opening of this boutique is today (Wednesday, February 1), and the Yardi team helped complete the initial setup and organization, and it is ready for subsequent donations and shipments.

Minnie’s Food Pantry wants everyone to know that it is okay not to be okay; they are here for you with free hugs, and know that you are not alone at Minnie’s Food Pantry!