Atlanta Community Food Bank

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Let’s get to know another standout North American hunger prevention organization supported by Yardi, the Atlanta Community Food Bank (ACFB) of Atlanta, GA.

Yardi volunteers at Atlanta Community Food Bank ACFB

Founded in 1979, ACFB is the central hub in the fight against hunger in Atlanta and North Georgia. ACFB’s primary focus is collecting and distributing donated food and goods and managing all the logistics and partner relationships that go with it. In addition, ACFB offers some social services to those directly in need and has supplemental food pantries and mobile markets to get food to underserved areas their partner agencies can’t reach.

“Last fiscal year, we distributed 93 million pounds of food to our over 700 partners in 29 county service areas,” said Ben Burgess, corporate relations manager for ACFB.

ACFB foresees government cuts to the SNAP program this year and recently had the expiration of the Child Tax Credit, which helped decrease child food insecurity by over 25 percent during the pandemic.

“Our goal is the make sure we have enough funding to purchase enough food to fill these food gaps in the coming year,” shared Burgess.

ACFB is hoping to open one, and possibly two, Community Food Centers in their service area that will be focused on local areas with high rates of food insecurity and are designed to be open four days a week for food distribution to meet the growing demand and reduce barriers to food access.

Funding from Yardi has provided enough support this year to help over 180,000 meals for families in need. Since March 2020, Yardi has helped ACFB give over 2 million meals to families in need.

Yardi volunteers at Atlanta Community Food Bank ACFB

“The support we have received from Yardi has been unwavering and absolutely vital to our work,” shared Burgess. “Your support has literally saved lives, and you are a true community partner, and we are so grateful to you all!”

Family support

It was a tough school year for kids like Nathan, not just because of math class. Most nights, there’s not much food at home. His dad, Seth, works a lot, and when he is home, he’s tired and there isn’t much in the fridge. Nathan’s hungry, anxious about school, and worried about his Dad. That’s why this family is thankful for the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Despite historically expensive food prices, they still have the chance to have the nutritious meals they need thanks to ACFB.

“I do everything I can, but everything just isn’t enough anymore,” Seth said. “Knowing that this community won’t let my family go hungry is a relief I’ve never experienced.”

Volunteer Opportunities

The Atlanta Yardi Breeze Premier team recently volunteered at the ACFB’s Hunger Action Center. This center is available seven days a week except on holidays. Details below:

Address: 3400 North Desert Drive, Atlanta, GA 30344

Shifts: Monday – Sunday 8:30 am – 11:30 am or 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Shift maximum: 60 volunteers in a single shift 

Activity: Join the fight to end hunger with a high-energy session of activities at ACFB’s brand-new Atlanta warehouse. As a Hunger Action Center volunteer, you may assist with many tasks, including sorting and packing recently donated food, repackaging produce or grains for families, or boxing non-perishable items for seniors across Atlanta. Several projects in the Hunger Action Center guarantee a fantastic day of volunteering! In addition, ACFB will train you on your day of service for the day’s project. So rest assured that the music is loud, the packing is fast-paced, and the personal reward of making a difference can’t be replaced.

To register your group, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Ben Burgess, [email protected]

“You should know how supportive the company has truly been for the metro Atlanta and Northwest Georgia area and the people we serve. Thanks to Yardi, many families couldn’t choose between eating and keeping the lights on, getting the medicine needed, or paying the rent. So, from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU, YARDI,” exclaimed Burgess.

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