Client Success

Everett Housing Authority

Everett Housing Authority

  • We achieved nearly 100% staff participation in our first Yardi Aspire course.

    Ashley Lommers-Johnson, Executive Director

    The Company

    Everett Housing Authority (EHA) serves the city of Everett, Washington, and surrounding area with thousands of units under management, Section 8 rental assistance, and supportive services.

    As is the case with all busy housing authorities, staff training is vital to the success of EHA. With Yardi Aspire, EHA has transformed its training program into an efficient, cost-saving success.

    The Challenge

    Effective Training

    EHA sought a training solution that would elevate staff engagement, increase quality of training, cut costs, and boost knowledge retention. HR needed to replace inefficient training materials and time-consuming documentation processes.

    The Solution

    Yardi Aspire

    Yardi Aspire presents engaging staff training materials in an easy-to-use, online environment. Clients have access to hundreds of Yardi-developed courses and can create custom content at no extra cost.

    The Story

    A Training Transformation

    In the past, EHA struggled to get staff to complete mandatory training. The PHA has since implemented Yardi Aspire, which gives staff online access to a custom curriculum of training courses whenever it’s convenient for them.

    Participation in mandatory staff training has improved since EHA implemented Yardi Aspire. “We achieved nearly 100% participation in our first Yardi Aspire course. That’s never happened before,” said Ashley Lommers-Johnson, executive director for EHA.

    Yardi Aspire presents course materials through an interactive interface that is much more engaging than traditional classroom instruction. EHA has found success dividing classes that used to take two days of intensive instruction into a series of easily digestible 15-20 minute segments.

    The cost savings anticipated by EHA are significant. “Sending staff to third-party training is expensive, and we don’t always get a return on our investment when an employee doesn’t make it through probation. Yardi Aspire is a cost-effective way to mitigate that risk since it doesn’t require any travel expense,” said Lommers-Johnson.

    Yardi Aspire is also always available to EHA staff. Users can log in to Yardi Aspire during normal working hours and keep in compliance with proper operating procedures. “Users can revisit courses whenever necessary, so there is much less need for them to retain every bit of information taught in training,” said Lommers-Johnson.

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